Morning musings to spark meaningful conversations.

Nobody Cares What You Look Like

People in business today speak often of the “optics” of a situation, a behavior or event. Of course, it’s just a fancy way of saying, “We’re worried how it’s going to look.” But the over-fixation on optics can be paralyzing and stifle innovation. The best ideas often come from disruptive ideas and alternatives to establishedContinue reading “Nobody Cares What You Look Like”

If You Can Impact “Just One Person,” You Have Failed.

Today, another head-shaker pithy meme came across my feed asking: “If your book could make an impact on just one person, would it be worth it?” Predictably, an onslaught of “Yes!” “Of course!” and that little red “100!” filled the comment section. For decades, we’ve been fed and continue to regurgitate some version of theContinue reading “If You Can Impact “Just One Person,” You Have Failed.”


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