What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Taught Us about the American Dream

Regardless of whether you care about the British royals, the interview with Meghan and Harry was captivating and revealing. There has always been a segment of the US population who have held a fascination with the royal family — and just as many with no interest at all. 

The Crown, the very well-produced Netflix series, has fueled a resurgent interest in the royals with a behind-the-scenes look at palace life providing insight into the rules and restrictions behind the pageantry. And while the dialogue is clearly fiction, the structure, players, and timeline has proved a welcome education for foreigners whose knowledge of the royal family was often limited to media coverage of royal weddings and their aftermath.

With that as a backdrop, the revelations from the newly excommunicated Sussex royals carries more weight. Moreover, a recounting of their ordeal behind the palace walls humanized them in a sympathetic way. That little boy forced to walk behind his mother’s casket, his grief on display for the world to see, is now an honorable man who has made a hard choice in order to protect his family.

Don’t we all deserve the right to chart our own course? How many of us have our caste in society predetermined at birth? I think one of the core attributes of the American experience, embodied in the vision of the “American Dream,” is the right to become who we want. It’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It’s not the right to happiness, per se, but the right to pursue it. 

Opportunity is a gift. The freedom to choose to work hard and to enjoy the fruits of our work, is a gift. Welcome Meghan, Harry, Archie and baby girl to be named later. Good luck charting your own course. We are cheering for you from the sidelines.

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