Stop Using COVID as an Excuse!

It’s been a year friends. A year! You’ve had ample time to revise your systems, your processes and policies. You’ve been exposed to amazing new innovations, conveniences and technologies to make your lives, and those of your customers easier. So stop using Covid 19 as an excuse for poor or reduced service. You know how to offer your products or services safely. You’ve just gotten a little too comfortable doing less and charging your customers the same. No more excuses.

When your recorded message tells us that “We’re experiencing an unexpectedly high volume of calls,” we know you are lying to us. You know exactly when your call volume will be high. It’s been a year, people. Figure it out.

Restaurants that still don’t offer condiments to their diners on the table or at a self-serve station, or even behind the counter (it’s for their staff’s convenience — not ours), It’s been a year.

School admin decides to hold a “virtual” graduation ceremony when you know precisely how to do it safely, in-person, outdoors, like tens of thousands of other schools. Your “abundance of caution” excuse doesn’t fly and you are cheating your students of a profound life experience. It’s been a year!

When you still haven’t figured out how to share your screen, un-mute your microphone or join a meeting without palm trees or the Golden Gate Bridge behind you, you are unprepared and unprofessional. My God friends, it’s been a year!

Regardless of where you stand on the world opening up, we know how to be safe and still be of-service. We can be protected and still be professional. We know how to do it. We’ve had a year to learn.

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