Stop Shoving Your Do-it-Yourself “Options” Down Our Throats!

Stop forcing technology on your customer that serve you, but not them!  I drop in to my local Wells Fargo branch to get a document notarized and the teller at the counter directs me to scan the QR code on the poster nearby to get on their “digital waiting list.” I say “ok,” as myContinue reading “Stop Shoving Your Do-it-Yourself “Options” Down Our Throats!”

Don’t Posture. Don’t Gloat.

A year into this pandemic and there have been fortunate winners and profound losers. First and foremost, the winners are everyone who has not missed a paycheck since the pandemic hit. It’s not to suggest that business hasn’t been difficult and social isolation hasn’t  taken a toll on all of us, but if you haveContinue reading “Don’t Posture. Don’t Gloat.”

Nobody Cares What You Look Like

People in business today speak often of the “optics” of a situation, a behavior or event. Of course, it’s just a fancy way of saying, “We’re worried how it’s going to look.” But the over-fixation on optics can be paralyzing and stifle innovation. The best ideas often come from disruptive ideas and alternatives to establishedContinue reading “Nobody Cares What You Look Like”

Stop Using COVID as an Excuse!

It’s been a year friends. A year! You’ve had ample time to revise your systems, your processes and policies. You’ve been exposed to amazing new innovations, conveniences and technologies to make your lives, and those of your customers easier. So stop using Covid 19 as an excuse for poor or reduced service. You know howContinue reading “Stop Using COVID as an Excuse!”

If You Can Impact “Just One Person,” You Have Failed.

Today, another head-shaker pithy meme came across my feed asking: “If your book could make an impact on just one person, would it be worth it?” Predictably, an onslaught of “Yes!” “Of course!” and that little red “100!” filled the comment section. For decades, we’ve been fed and continue to regurgitate some version of theContinue reading “If You Can Impact “Just One Person,” You Have Failed.”

What Traveling During COVID Can Teach Us about Business

I am working internationally this week. In fact, this is my first time traveling in many months and it feels great. To be clear, this is not a case of “revenge travel” and I am not throwing caution to the wind. This trip was a calculated bet that I could do my work and stayContinue reading “What Traveling During COVID Can Teach Us about Business”

When Lip-Service Will Eventually Fail You

Politicians are notorious for hypocrisy. They will preach morality and then get caught with their proverbial or literal pants down. Scandal ensues followed by the requisite mea culpa. But too often, traditional business and public institutions fall prey to the same “do as I say, not as I do” behavior. I subscribe to a popularContinue reading “When Lip-Service Will Eventually Fail You”

The Pandemic Loss That Won’t Show up on Your Expense Report

The pandemic has brought with it the concept of “social distancing.” While remaining six feet apart has applied primarily in retail settings, a far more drastic alteration of our daily lives has created far greater distance. People have spent the better part of a year working from home and away from colleagues. Our kids haveContinue reading “The Pandemic Loss That Won’t Show up on Your Expense Report”

What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Taught Us about the American Dream

Regardless of whether you care about the British royals, the interview with Meghan and Harry was captivating and revealing. There has always been a segment of the US population who have held a fascination with the royal family — and just as many with no interest at all.  The Crown, the very well-produced Netflix series,Continue reading “What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Taught Us about the American Dream”

The Lesson of Neera Tanden and Boomerang Insults

Question: What’s the difference between love and the internet? Answer: The internet is forever.  A cynical view to be sure, but it makes an important point.The internet provides a permanent electronic record. There is a permanence today to missteps, infraction and even the angry or dismissive words we share.  Earlier this week, the White HouseContinue reading “The Lesson of Neera Tanden and Boomerang Insults”